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Bipolar Disorder

Learn More About Bipolar Disorders:

Formally referred to as manic depressive illness or manic depression, bipolar disorder is characterized by unusual shifts in, not only mood, but also energy levels, concentration, and ability to perform daily tasks. Many people with bipolar disorder experience moods that are uncharacteristic of their usual behaviors which can last days or even weeks. These abrupt shifts in mood, sometimes called episodes, can impact decision-making and relationships.

Understanding bipolar disorder and how it can affect our lives is an important aspect of treatment. No one should be given a label or diagnosis of bipolar disorder and be left to deal with the struggles of daily life alone. Southern Psychiatric Services is dedicated to supporting men and women who have previously been diagnosed or suspect they may struggle with bipolar disorder through medication management and psychotherapy. We are committed to supporting each patent as they rediscover healthy and full lives. Book an appointment to learn more about treatment options. 

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